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Welcome to the wonderful world of Shaklee!  Here you can learn how Shaklee products can help you improve your health, give you more energy, feel younger, reduce stress, and prevent disease. Shaklee's motto is Creating Healthier Lives, which is accomplished through use of our high quality products and lucrative income opportunity.

Shaklee offers scientifically researched nutritional products, Enfuselle skin care products that improve your skin and make you look younger, and biodegradable cleaners that are safer, more effective, and will save you money. All products come with an unconditional money-back guarantee. 

On this site you can become a Member to get the member discount price (15% savings) - just click on the Join Now tab above, and you can order products by clicking on the Shop tab.

Contact me at 248 644-8677 or at pahubert@att.net for more information or assistance.